Paula Vlamings

For more than a decade, Paula Vlamings has worked at the intersection of tourism and sustainability. Her 10 years in politics prior to moving into the sustainability world provided her with a unique set of skills in diplomacy, fundraising, and cross-sector collaboration. 

Before joining Tourism Cares, Paula was the founder of Prosper360, a sustainable tourism and social impact consulting firm that works to create a full circle of prosperity within the travel economy. Prior to her consulting work, Paula was the head of The Planeterra Foundation, the nonprofit foundation of the global travel company G Adventures, where she incubated social enterprises supporting women, youth, and indigenous communities into the tourism supply chain. Paula’s sustainability work includes serving as Program Director to the Institute at the Golden Gate, a program of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, where she led a large-scale national Food for the Parks initiative. That collaboration resulted in a national policy change to more sustainable practices in our nation’s parks, and an endorsement by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Council on Environmental Equality.

In 2014, Paula realized a wild travel to dream to drive from San Francisco, CA to Tierra del Fuego, literally the end of the world. For 2 years, she and her husband lived a nomad life, slowly and deliberately, through 17 countries and 24 border crossings. Every mile is chronicled at

Paula has served on numerous nonprofit boards, and is currently on the board of Omprakash, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building mutually beneficial & educational relationships between grassroots social impact organizations and volunteers around the world. She also volunteers as an ambassador for and for several animal welfare organizations. Paula has traveled to over 70 countries on all seven continents, and is an international speaker on sustainable tourism.