Phil Kelly
Director & Head of Human Performance
Pro-Noctis Limited

Phil is an award-winning business owner and TED presenter. Having designed and delivered successful training packages worldwide across various industries, he now spends most of his time within business development and quality assurance. He has a passion for coaching, facilitation and experiential learning and utilises this alongside his academic background within education and leadership to design and develop bespoke training packages that meet the client's needs. Phil enjoys public speaking and can be seen throughout the year at various events and was a keynote speaker at this year’s London International Shipping Week. where he delivered an engaging talk around current themes and challenges faced by the Industry. Having spent 12 years in the Royal Air Force, Phil now shares his knowledge of Human Performance gained whilst serving to encourage other industries to understand the benefits of a Human Performance approach to business improvement. Alongside their Military background and their work with corporate clients such as Barclays, The NHS and The Priory Group, developing performance culture programmes, Pro-Noctis also coach elite athletes to be able to perform at the highest level under extreme pressure and take these principles into the organisations they partner with.