Rob Sinclair-Barnes
Strategic Marketing Director
Amadeus Airlines

Rob Sinclair-Barnes is Strategic Marketing Director, Amadeus Airlines, the leading provider of advanced technology for the global travel & tourism industry.

Strategy, innovation and improving customer focus has been central throughout Rob’s career for over 25 years in Global (B2B&B2C) companies across IT Systems, Travel and Media sectors. From the birth of online publishing for BBC, to pioneering travel e-commerce, through to leading airline IT strategy, marketing, communications and thought leadership.


Rob has pioneered global research into the ‘Future Traveller Tribes 2030’ to better understand what motivates passenger travel, how purchasing habits are changing and provide a strategic framework for the travel industry to innovate and evolve in order to build a more rewarding global travel ecosystem. The latest research paper in this series ‘Embracing Airline digital transformation: Spotlight on what travelers value’ was launched in Sept 2017.


Rob has a passion for travel and the natural world; having visited over 90 countries on his ‘bucket list’, he’s a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and a qualified BSAC scuba diver.