Robert A. Jensen
Kenyon International Emergency Services

Robert A. Jensen is the CEO of Kenyon International Emergency Services. Hejoined Kenyon in 1988, after service as US Military Officer. His career has been spent restoring order and leading transitional change after crisis for blue chip companies and governments. He leads Kenyon, a 100+ year-old multi national corporation, retained by over 580 leading businesses and governments. Kenyon provides crisis management response and consulting services to these organizations representing the transportation, hospitality, tourism, natural resource, education, and financial sectors as well as government agencies tasked with looking after their citizens at home and abroad.

Robert leads CEOs, Boards of Directors, and government officials through the practical areas of response and recovery - the legal, humanitarian andcommunications challenges. He focuses on the transition of people, leadership and organizations from what was normal to the new normal, in the process preserving and recovering share value, reputation and market position.

He has directed and been involved in response and recovery efforts for numerous international large-scale crises, typically terrorist attacks, criminal and civil investigations, natural disasters, and countless transportation accidents –most involving large scale loss of life. These have included complex events such as bombings in Oklahoma City, the UN Headquarters in Baghdad, Bali nightclubs, the 9/11 attacks, seizure of the In Amenas gas plant, the Tunis beach attacks, the Boxing Day Tsunami, the Haitian Earthquake, and multiple large scale aircraft, rail, and maritime disasters.

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